About Byala


  The city of Byala is located on the coast of Black Sea, at nearly equal distances from the major cities of Varna (60 km) and Burgas (70 k). The coasline cobines rocky beaches together with small bays and sand dunes. The nature has been generous and  and this picturesque region possesses mild and favourable climate, shallow and crystal waters as well as a vast beach with golden sands.

  The seaside tourism is well developed not only because of the lovely coasline but also because of the yacht port.

  Byala is also home of the natural and gelogical phenomena – The White Rocks, which is situated by the waterfront of the city. It represents the fourth place in the world, where scientists found traces of the giant space cataclysm which led to the disappearance of dinosaurs 65 millions of years ago

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  The “Kamaka” Hotel offers unique nature combined with unforgettable atmosphere – a  comfortable hotel with a cosy restaurant